Press Release 01/2013 – New AmCham Board & Priorities for the year


New AmCham Malta Board & Priorities for the year

AmCham Malta recently held its Annual General Meeting during which a new Board was elected. The members of the board are Michael Aquilina Clews – President, James Satariano – Vice-President, Dr. Tanya Sciberras Camilleri – Honorary Secretary, Pierre Attard – Honorary Treasurer while Alfred Cuschieri , Marco Frazier and John Mizzi were elected as members at large. Simon Lee Barberi retains the post of Executive Secretary.

Whilst commenting on AmCham Malta’s priorities for the coming year, incoming President Michael Aquilina Clews spoke of the immediate need to update and involve its members and the local business community in general about the proposed EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

The United States and the European Commission are working to implement this partnership by the end of 2014. In view of this important development and its wide ranging impact across all commercial sectors, AmCham intends to organise a Seminar on the topic after the summer period. It is already in contact with a number of overseas speakers who are following these developments at a high level both in Europe and in the USA.

Other priorities which the incoming President highlighted include an increase in cooperation with the US Embassy and other local stakeholders, so as to retain AmCham’s position as a point of contact between American and Maltese businesses.

Ongoing cooperation with the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham EU) and AmChams in Europe (ACE), will continue to be a priority for the new Board. AmChams in Europe (ACE), which is based in Brussels, is a network of over 40 AmChams spread across Europe and EurAsia. AmCham Malta has been a member of ACE for the past seven years and it hosted the annual policy meeting in Malta in 2009.

Whilst thanking the outgoing Board, whose efforts will be built upon, Mr Aquilina Clews noted that the new Board is composed of an ideal mix of both experienced and new Board members.

AmCham Malta is a non-profit organisation which aims at promoting, safeguarding and developing trade, finance and investment between Malta and the United States of America. The membership of AmCham Malta consists of entrepreneurs and commercial organisations whose interests lie in improving and furthering these links between the two countries.

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Date: 19/06/2013

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