Baxter wins award

Baxter wins award 

To mark Earth Day 2008, US Ambassador Molly Bordonaro presented the US firm Baxter with the Ambassador’s Award for Environmental Excellence.

The Ambassador also recognised four other American firms for positively making a difference in Malta’s environment.

Speaking to distinguished leaders in business, politics, academia and civil society, the Ambassador noted that “green” innovations are being rapidly developed and deployed within the private sector and that the American firms are some of the country’s leaders in sustainable best practices.

Mrs Bordonaro presented the award to Baxter and praised their leadership in implementing a multitude of initiatives to benefit the environment.

Baxter was the first manufacturing facility on the island to achieve formal compliance with the ISO 14001 series of international standards on environmental management. The firm is now working to reduce its carbon emissions by utilising solar power systems and other energy reduction programmes to become “carbon neutral”.

Baxter is also active in community programmes to improve the environment throughout the island, including roundabout embellishment projects and the planting of 50 Aleppo pine trees in the Ta’ Qali National Park.

“By incorporating state-of-the art strategies to minimise the impact of its operations, Baxter is a model of environmental excellence worthy of being emulated by other companies interested in working towards a sustainable society,” Mrs Bordonaro said.

The four other US companies recognised for their achievements in adopting “green” technologies and ensuring sustainable business practices are the Hilton Hotel, for its efforts to conserve and reuse water; Methode, for its use of water soluble paints to reduce emissions into the air; McDonald’s, for its reuse of cooking oil converted to bio-diesel to power its trucks; and the Westin Dragonara resort, for its Green Room Programme, whereby guests can participate in conservation efforts by reducing water and electricity usage.

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